Best Rated Garage Door Services Calgary Alberta

Garage Door Repair in Calgary is a family-owned business that’s the #1 garage door expert around the area. The company’s committed to being there for homeowners with garage door systems issues or when they simply need a new door installed. 

The team of expert garage door technicians is knowledgeable, licensed, and ready to serve customers while providing them with the best garage door systems and reliable maintenance procedures. Company technicians go through rigorous training, which enables them to produce jobs that satisfy customers.

When looking to replace garage door parts such as cables, rollers, or springs, Garage Door Repair in Calgary’s the company to call. 

Professional technicians ensure the operation’s safe, secure, and dependable. Garage doors made from high-quality material also run into problems. When this happens, it’s best to know who to rely on to fix issues and safeguard doors from future damages.

Our Services

Garage Door Repair in Calgary is a professional garage installation and Repair Company based in Calgary, offering top-notch garage door install and maintenance service solutions to residents in the Calgary area. Besides the garage door installations, the company installs custom made doors and garage flooring for clients who want a unique look. 

Garage Door Installation

A worn-out Garage Door will need a new installation when damaged beyond repair. Curb appeal is an essential factor for any home. Experts with required experience advise homeowners in Airdrie City about different styles of garage doors installation for their homes.

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Garage Door Replacement

Only a certified technician should do door installations or garage door opener replacement. Door replacement isn’t cheap and ranges from a minimum cost of about $600 to a maximum cost of $4,000. This price depends on the type of door, service, or labor charge, the materials for the door, and the homeowner’s location in Alberta.

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Garage Door Repair

The average garage door repair range is between $120 and $300, with the national average cost being around $208. Once in a while, a homeowner will need a door repair because of the door’s infrequent use. Don’t try to fix the issue when this happens. Be vigilant and contact a professional service in Calgary Alberta 

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Springs, Opener, and New Door Installation

Creaking springs, faulty door openers, and off-track doors are all issues that require a homeowner to install garage door solutions that last. Make sure to check out reviews of services before settling on one. 

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Commercial Garage Door

A full-service, experienced garage door installation company has different options of commercial garage doors. Commercial doors allow ease of entrance and exit of people and vehicles into business premises. They also provide security and allow loading or unloading of bulky items.

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Garage Door Service 

It’s essential to conduct routine maintenance of tracks, springs, and rollers for a garage door. Ask a reliable service to change parts that aren’t working well to ensure they don’t cause other problems.

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Garage Door Repair

Openers disappoint homeowners all the time. Just when one is in a rush to get their vehicle out of the garage, the door gets stuck while it’s half-open. Situations like these require emergency garage door repair to fix doors in smart ways without causing further damage. 

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Garage Door Installation

For residents of Vancouver BC, a garage door’s a critical safety feature. Garage door services offer affordable solutions and install commercial and residential doors that last years, making them worthwhile investments. Selecting and installing a garage door isn’t a simple, one-minute decision. 

An individual must choose a door that suits their needs and preferences. It’s most importantly critical to hire a professional service to install a garage door in the greater Vancouver area. Here are some advantages of hiring a professional for garage door installation.

  • Expert Service

Hiring proficient repair technicians to install commercial or residential garage doors ensures that the service is top-quality. They’re English speaking experts with vast knowledge and they handle doors every day.

 They will point a homeowner in the right direction when it comes to choosing doors that are right for them. A property owner can relax as experts do the job.

  • Time- Saving

It takes precious time to understand how a garage door’s assembled and installed. Hiring a professional service in Mississauga ensures that customers spend their time engaged in other useful activities rather than wasting time trying to solve the confusion that comes with first time installation.

Experts are used to doing the job, and with years of hands-on technical experience, they’re able to install a garage door correctly in a short time.

  • Custom Doors

Experts install Sectional looks on overhead garage doors. In many instances, homeowners have a choice to install custom made Section Garage Doors. If the goal’s to have a traditional garage door, an expert can help with its fixture.

Garage Door Replacement

Purchasing a garage door in Toronto or Calgary Okotoks is a pretty big investment. One must talk to their service before making a choice and do some research about the garage-door accessory that’s right for them. Here are a few tips that’ll help when identifying the right garage door for a home. 

  • Different Materials Have Their Advantages

Residents of Toronto GTA frequently replace worn outdoors with garage doors made from steel. Steel doors are much less expensive and require less maintenance than doors made from wood. 

They’re also insulated to be more energy-efficient than wooden doors. 

Aluminum doors, on the other hand, are lighter, less expensive than both wood and steel, and are the best bet when it comes to replacement garage doors resistant to rust and erosion.

  • Consider Adding Windows to A Garage Door

Not only do windows on a garage door enhance the curb appeal of a home, but they’re also unique. Adding windows to a garage door makes the house look modern and stylish. Even if a homeowner wants a more traditional-looking door, the windows can be customized to suit their preference.

  • Select a Style that matches the Interior and Design of the Home

A contemporary door with glass windows and aluminum’s probably not the right choice for a traditional looking home. Neither is a small carriage door, the best one for a home with borrowed styles from Lebanon mo with expansive glass windows. The right style of a door should complement the style of the house; otherwise, it’ll end up looking out of place. 

  • Consider the Insulation Value of the Garage Door

Homeowner’s in more temperate climates don’t think much about the R-value of their garage door. If a garage is for other work other than just storing vehicles, then the insulation value’s a critical factor to consider. It’s notable, however, that garage doors replacement with high insulation values is pricier.

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors will require emergency garage door repairs for a wide range of problems. Without regular maintenance and inspection, a dented door won’t work as it should. Even if it looks ok, a garage door could show signs of needing repair. 

It’s necessary to lubricate garage door parts such as rollers every year. Motors for the door rollers require regular maintenance for better operation. The best way of reducing unnecessary and frequent repairs is to ensure that there’s care to follow the recommended intervals for servicing and maintenance.

Experts in garage door repair fix multiple issues such as:

  • A broken-down motor receiver
  • Light bulb replacements
  • Lubrication and repair of parts such as wheels, hinges, springs, tracks, chains, and bearings
  • Repair of garage door motor

Springs, Opener, and New Door Installation

Garage door openers are great to have in any home; even so, it’s vital to know when to replace them to avoid annoying surprises. Reasons, why it may be necessary to replace door openers, include:

  • It’s ten years old or more
  • It needs repairs frequently
  • It makes loud noises
  • It’s dated and lacks modern features

Openers don’t carry much of the weight when opening a garage door, contrary to popular belief. The garage door springs carry a lot of weight, and it’s vital to adjust them when installing a new garage door. If the springs don’t have enough tension, likely, a garage opener won’t have a long lifespan. 

Many people don’t pay much attention to the springs when a new door installed or when there’s an issue with the garage door. If a spring’s broken or damaged, attempting a DIY could lead to injury, so it’s best to leave the replacement of springs to a trusted expert. 

There are two types of garage door springs. These include:

  • Torsion springs: attached above a garage door that’s closed
  • Extension springs: found on both sides of the garage door above the upper tracks

Commercial Garage Door

Choosing the right commercial door for a business is a weighty decision. Content protection of the items held in a warehouse is a priority. Commercial garage doors aren’t easy to redo; therefore, when installed for the first time, great care taken to ensure that the work’s professional. Commercial doors are generally bulky, enormous, and have many moving parts. Most businesses can use the garage doors listed below. 

  • Sectional steel Garage Doors


These doors pack a punch when it comes to durability and are the best doors for businesses with heavy machinery and traffic passing through. They’re best for warehouses. Steel doors are resilient and sturdy and can resist different kinds of weather.

  • Sectional Aluminum Garage Doors

Made from aluminum, these doors are much lighter than steel doors, but they’re better resistant to rust and corrosion. They’re also durable, and because they have windows, they allow light to pass through without interfering with security.

  • Rolling Garage Doors

Also known as coiling doors, these doors open by rolling up. They work well, even if not automated. Healthcare facilities, hotels, and businesses with a lot of people traffic find them useful.

  • High-Speed Garage Doors

These doors function at fast speeds and are, therefore, excellent for security and convenience purposes. 

Garage Door Service

There are many garage door services in the industry. Finding the right one isn’t easy, but one must find an authentic service. Here are some tips to help businesses and homeowners find the best one.

  • Authentic Business Licenses

Professional garage door services shouldn’t have a problem displaying business licenses issued from the relevant local authorities.

  • Insurance

When accidents or injury to workers during a job occurs, a service should cover the cost of the contractors’ damage. Homeowners should protect themselves from lawsuits and find out whether a company has viable insurance.

  • Past references

One can always check on the reviews given on company websites by their previous customers. If it’s necessary to speak to some in person, ask the service to allow contact with their previous references.

Emergency Garage Door Repair 

Issues that need emergency garage door repairs happen at inconvenient times. Home or business owners usually can’t wait for a service that only works regular business hours to look into the issue when emergencies occur. This reason is why it’s vital to get acquainted with a service that provides solutions to customers 24/7. 

Even when a customer needs emergency overhead door repairs, an excellent service should be available to provide them with professionally done and prompt service.

Great services that repair garage doors quickly always get excellent customer reviews and referrals.  

Some of the issues that require a homeowner to ask for a Quote for emergency garage door repairs include:

  • Doors not closing
  • Track misalignments
  • Issues with cables
  • Unresponsive door openers and malfunctioning screws

Calgary Commercial Garage Door Services

When developing a new business facility, one of the key decisions a company will make is the kind of commercial doors to install and enhance the security of the premises. There’re different types of commercial garage doors or commercial overhead doors that suit a company facility. 

Here’re some of the styles for doors that work well for commercial facilities. A professional service should repair a commercial door opener.

  • Overhead Doors

Commercial overhead doors look just like residential garage doors. When an overhead garage door is open, it mostly stays parallel to the ceiling. Different materials, including wood, metal, steel, and glass, can make an overhead door. One can find a commercial door in various industrial facilities in Calgary, such as fire stations, warehouses, and garages. 

  • Roll-Up Doors

Many thin slats make up a roll-up door for these doors, and when not in use, it becomes compact, which makes it almost invisible. When rolled down or shut, these doors are very secure because they’re attached to a wall. 

  • Commercial Gates

These aren’t to be confused for a commercial overhead door in Lebanon. They have a unique design craft and are sometimes called scissor gates, unlike an overhead door. The commercial gates move just like a sliding door once the installation is complete. Commercial gates are locked just like any other Commercial Garage Door. 

Garage Door, Opener, and Keypad Replacement

An overhead door should work properly without issues. When it gets off track, or the damage is irreparable, a homeowner will need a garage door replacement. The average range for garage doors alternative in Alberta is between a minimum cost of $600 to a maximum cost of $4000, including labor charges for a professional craftsman. 

When the door is out of place, one can replace any out of place rollers. Before deciding on a replacement for an overhead door, the garage door must have broken down beyond repair. Replacing an opener or garage doors isn’t cheap, so one must be aware of garage fees and supplies that come into the replacement of doors. 

If a remote’s spoiled, it could affect how the door behaves. Garage doors should look as lovely as a front door in a residential area. A homeowner must communicate their needs to repair shops for fees for a door & tracks installed must be good quality. 

The national average cost for a garage door replacement is $1,000

Why Select Garage Door Repair in Calgary 

The company has professional technicians who’ve met clients’ needs for long term garage solutions for years. Customers can rely on the service for 24/7 emergency repairs, new garage door installations, and routine maintenance services.

The company understands that emergency repairs don’t require scheduled appointments from customers. These emergencies are why they have an emergency team always at hand to attend to issues that just can’t wait. 

The safety and security of their customer is a priority and technicians regularly go through training to increase their knowledge of how to reinforce garage doors and learn up to date methods of garage door maintenance, repair, and installation. 

Homeowners around the Calgary area experience fast, reliable, and top-quality services with this Garage Door Repair service. Get in touch and experience professionalism from the engaging customer service personnel to field technicians.

Top Reputable Local Garage Door Repair Company in Calgary AB 

Garage Door Repair in Calgary AB’s a premier garage door service contractor with unmatched experience and expertise fixing garage doors and overhead doors. All customers who’ve tried and tested garage door services offered by the company refer their acquaintances for door services to restore old garages in Calgary, Alberta. 

The company understands that a garage door is a significant investment, and some of the doors are old marvels custom-made for clients by brand names. When they undertake door repair for a door opener, they do the service carefully, treating each door as a unique individual.

10 Classic Garage Door Problems

Customers frequently ask garage door repair services to fix an overhead door that has mechanical issues. Garage doors are great for curb appeal, but that’s not to say they don’t require maintenance or have problems of their own. 

Repairs not done on time cause repair services to deal with more issues than were initially present. It’s vital to repair garage door components as soon as they break down, or the door won’t perform as it should. 

Even though one will require an overhead door repair company’s services, it’s vital to learn how to identify issues that can affect a garage door. Look at some of them below. 

  1. Stuck Garage Doors During the Winter

During the winter months, many garage doors close quickly but refuse to open. This winter issue’s mainly due to the cold. The rollers of a garage door become too stiff, and, when this happens, repair services will fix the problem by oiling rollers. 

If lubricating rollers don’t work, there may be an issue with the motor unit. Experienced garage company technicians will adjust screws that’ll fix garage door opener sensitivity. 

  1. Too Much Noise from the Garage Door


There shouldn’t be any alarming noises when overhead doors open and shut. An overhead door making too much noise can cause noise pollution for staff in a business, or people in a residential area.

It can also lead to more problems. Professional services in Calgary Alberta repair all garage door issues and take care of any residential installation.  

  1. The Door Doesn’t Shut Completely


A door that doesn’t shut completely isn’t suitable for curb appeal. It can compromise the safety of a home’s interior because one can quickly get inside the house. When a technician starts to repair the door opener, they’ll make sure nothing is blocking the sensors. 

Garage doors repair companies will ensure the overhead garage door gets back to top working condition.

  1. Spoilt Wall Switch


Switching the wall switch on and off doesn’t give a response sometimes. The problem could be a faulty fuse that needs replacement. If a homeowner can’t repair the broken or burnt fuse on their own, a garage door repair company can do it, while also checking for other present issues. 

  1. A Stuck Door

A door that continually gets stuck needs garage door repairs technicians to look at it. It could have multiple issues with rollers or tracks. Ensure the technician replacing parts uses genuine products to provide a long-lasting solution to the problem.

  1. Motor Running after the Door Shuts

A door in perfect working condition won’t have a running motor when the doors shut. Even though it isn’t a common issue, it mostly happens when a new door system is installed.

  1. Reversing Door

Doors that reverse and open when shutting or vice versa should be looked at by a qualified technician. 

  1. A Remote That Doesn’t Work


Most overhead doors have remotes that open and shut the door when needed. Remotes can stop working just like other household appliances. Replace the batteries in the remote as they could have gone bad if this happens.

  1. A Door That Slows Down when Opening or Closing

Issues with door rollers or the jack could make the door slow down in particular places. Sometimes, the rails can bent, or the track isn’t correctly aligned, which raises issues. 

  1. Door Hinges Aren’t Lubricated


When one doesn’t oil door hinges well, they’ll prevent the door from performing properly. If left unchecked, they could break and damage the door. 

Garage Door System Advantages for Calgary Residents

Ensuring a garage door has excellent curb-appeal, just like a front door’s paramount for a homeowner. It’s the first feature of the house a homeowner interacts with when they get home, and it’s the last one when they leave. There’re benefits of having a garage door system. Look at some of them below.

  • Protect One’s Home From Burglary

Up to date garage door systems aren’t easy to break-in. It was much easier to pick up someone else’s signal and use it to open their garage in the past. Door openers nowadays come readily installed with the latest technology, and a homeowner can use a smartphone, computer, or other smart devices to open a garage door.

  • Reduce Cold and Heat Transfer

A garage system that’s in good working condition is well insulated and weather tight. These features prevent heat transfer during the summer and cold air into the homes’ interior during winter months.

  • Ensure Safety and Reduce Injuries

Garage systems nowadays have photoelectric sensors, which prevent the door from coming down if someone is under. The systems minimize the risk of injury to one’s loved ones.

  • Reduce Noise Pollution

With advancements in technology, garage door systems come with quiet door openers. A lot of the noise that comes from garage doors is reduced by lubricating moving parts such as nylon rollers frequently. 

  • Add Value to A Home 

Homeowners should know that property value increases when a garage door is up to date and looking new when buying a home. Most potential buyers notice a problem with the garage door system and may not be willing to put in cash for an upgrade. 

Leading Garage Door Repair in Calgary

One may notice many quality garage doors the company’s installed when driving around Calgary. This quality makes it the leading garage door service in Calgary. With more than 20 years of substantial experience installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors for residential and commercial customers, the company has a reputation of going over and above customers’ expectations. The service offers high-quality products for replacement and installations. 

More Reasons Why One Should Pick Garage Door Repair Calgary AB

  • Technicians follow safety procedures to the letter
  • Progress reports openly discussed weekly
  • Technicians are certified and insured and must undergo the necessary drug and background checks before they’re allowed on the job.
  • Service stations have quality products and professional customer care representatives ready to answer clients’ questions openly.
  • The service representatives and technicians are open about the services they offer, including their prices.
  • The company has an emergency crew on standby.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction on jobs
  • Insured and Certified Crew

Calgary Best Garage Door Contractor Award 3 Years in a Row

Garage Door Repair in Calgary, like all of our services, provides complimentary garage door inspection for repeat clients. Experts assist homeowners in identifying issues with overhead doors and also helping commercial companies determine the best commercial doors right for them.

Get in touch for the most competitive prices in garage door services and exemplary after-sales service from the sales team. Technicians communicate honestly and let customers know about the necessary repairs needed to their garage doors. 

Don’t worry about the condition of a garage floor after maintenance or service because the clean-up crew will leave the garage looking better than it was previously.

A Family-Owned Company One Can Trust

The company doesn’t just work hard to get clients’; the whole crew takes client relations to a personal level and strive to build professional working relationships with all customers they serve. Exceptional customer service isn’t a job; it’s a passion. Customers who’ve experienced exemplary service show their appreciation by leaving 5 Star reviews. 

Homeowner Insurance Claims

Before signing the dotted line on a home insurance firm, a homeowner should confirm that their garage door is covered. With 5 star ratings and awards for the best garage door contractors, the company’s frequently contacted by insurance companies to fix garage door issues. 

Technicians continuously build trust with home insurance companies when it comes to providing exemplary service. Insurance claims mostly cover damages caused by homeowners and their families. When damage to a garage happens through third parties such as neighbors or passersby hitting the garage door accidentally, their auto insurance should be able to bear the costs of damages. 

What Clients Say About Us

 “I wasn’t sure about my insurance company fixing my garage door after a neighbor’s kid slammed right into it. Thank God the kid only cracked a front tooth, and Garage Door Repair in Calgary helped me to sort insurance issues”.

– Kenny G

Twice last month, I missed important appointments because of a faulty door that just wouldn’t budge. Before it happened a third time, the best garage door service company stepped in, and now the rollers are perfect”.

George M

“My word! Never have I experienced such customer service. I’d like to say thank you again to Jim for cleaning up after fixing my door. I didn’t have to break my back in the summer heat cleaning up”.

Bill W

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’re some top garage door complaints in Calgary? 

  • Annoying, squeaky noise from loose metal parts 
  • Reversing garage doors
  • Broken down garage door remotes
  • Unresponsive door opener
  • Faulty garage door installation 

How does the company handle emergency repairs requests in common?

The company doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Technicians treat every request as a unique problem and strive to give customers all the attention and help that they deserve.

What’re the guarantees the company offers?

When it comes to service, technicians use the highest quality products to replace worn out parts and give a guarantee for all installations and replacements.

Is it better to repair my brand name garage door or replace it?

Honesty is the company’s first policy. Once technicians inspect the door, they’ll advise a customer on the best route to take. A garage door damaged beyond repair needs replacing. The company will try all means possible to salvage a custom door before asking for a replacement. 

What is the standard procedure for replacing a damaged garage door?

Typically, if a garage door has been in use for more than ten years, has irreparable damage, and is experiencing frequent issues, it’s best to replace it.