Calgary Commercial Garage Door Services

Commercial garage door services offer the most-required professional assistance. Why do you need a professional? It can save you from unwanted expenses and help you maintain optimal performance for your garage doors. We are committed to providing safe and reliable commercial/residential garage door services. 

There are many requirements for this service, like:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Replacements

Mainly because commercial overhead doors tend to be the most used entry-way than any other option, they require professionals for smooth operation. You can DIY a residential door, but a commercial door requires qualified experts. 

Common Commercial Garage Door Services In Calgary:

  • Opener or Keypad replacement and repairs
  • Overhead door insulation
  • Commercial door component replacement
  • Accessories installation for commercial garage doors
  • Other commercial overhead door products
  • Quality maintenance, repairs or Liftmaster requirement for heavy lifting

Cover A Wide Range Of Doors

Professional services are qualified to handle different types of doors, contemporary, industrial, commercial, and residential grades. They also offer services for:

  • Rolling service doors or counter doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Aluminum glass door
  • Sectional steel door
  • Jack-shaft operators
  • Fire-rated doors 

They can also take care of a custom-built door. The thickness of the door, its insulation, and other features fall into consideration before providing a quote. You’ll receive the best assistance to flush out your problem.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

These doors need to be robust and well-maintained for exceptional performance. They’re used more than residential garage doors. To withstand day-to-day uses and stand strong, they provide commercial garage door services with:

  • Extensive years of experience and professional qualification in installation
  • Thorough and scheduled installation for seamless services without any disturbance
  • Deliver on your aesthetical designs and security requirements for these garage doors
  • Select from a wide range of insulated or non-insulated doors 
  • Latest tools and methodologies for the installation procedure. 

Commercial Garage Door Repairs

Repairing commercial overhead doors requires more workforce and skills than a residential door:

  • Commercial doors are heavier and larger than regular doors
  • They’ve powerful springs and cables, among other components.

To Tackle These Problems Professionals Offer:

  • Liftmasters who’re well-versed in moving and carrying heavy doors
  • Tension increment or decrease for safety precautions to carry out repairs and replacement
  • A thorough inspection to ensure components that require replacement such as torsion springs

Why Should You Choose Professional Commercial Garage Door Services

There are many reasons to choose Grage Door Repair in Calgary. These are some of the most compelling points:

  • They’re quick in providing solutions, efficiently at high speed.
  • They have a deeper understanding to carry out processes immediately
  • Emergency services are available 24/7
  • They’ve better control over the quality
  • Their experience in commercial overhead doors makes them have extensive business experience.

Most of the professionals will provide you Email, brochures, and other information for transparency. You can even use the internet or Google to find them, and they’re a reliable source for dealer locators for your commercial doors. These professionals fulfill their duty and usually practice a customer-centric approach. 

How Much Headroom Do I Need?

  • A residential garage door usually requires around 10 to 12 inches of head clearance room for the door to function optimally. 
  • Commercial garage doors usually require two to three feet of head clearance as they are usually bigger in size and heavier.
  • Sideroom may also play a prominent role and require 4 to 10 inches of space. 

What Type Of Spring System Comes With My Door?

Most of the garage doors use two types of springs:

  • Torsion springs that you’ll find installed above your garage doors with metal ends. They usually have a metal tube where they’re placed.
  • Extension springs are another type you’ll find. They’re connected to the pulleys on each side of the overhead door.

As a general rule of thumb, single panel doors will have one torsion spring, while bigger ones will have two.

Contact Garage Door Repair in Calgary for your commercial garage door replacement needs.