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Commercial Garage Doors

Choosing the right commercial door for a business is a weighty decision. Content protection of the items held in a warehouse is a priority. Commercial garage doors aren’t easy to redo,therefore, when installed for the first time, great care taken to ensure that the work’s  professional. Commercial doors are generally bulky, enormous, and have many moving parts. Most businesses can use the garage doors listed below. 

Sectional steel Garage Doors 

These doors pack a punch when it comes to durability and are the best doors for businesses with heavy machinery and traffic passing through. They’re best for warehouses. Steel doors are resilient and sturdy and can resist different kinds of weather. Sectional Aluminum Garage Doors 

Made from aluminum, these doors are much lighter than steel doors, but they’re better resistant to rust and corrosion. They’re also durable, and because they have windows, they allow light to pass through without interfering with security. 

Rolling Garage Doors 

Also known as coiling doors, these doors open by rolling up. They work well, even if not automated. Healthcare facilities, hotels, and businesses with a lot of people traffic find them useful. 

High-Speed Garage Doors 

These doors function at fast speeds and are, therefore, excellent for security and  convenience purposes.

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